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Connecting Your Child to Literacy in the Global World 

By Norma de Luna

January 31, 2020

Here at Valle Alto, San Roberto students have been working hard on various Global Campus challenges, specifically Global Library and the Language and Literature Challenges.
Connecting Your Child to Literacy

For the past two months, many third grade students were inspired by Margriet Ruurs book Stepping Stones, a story about a child refugee named Rama who is forced to leave her home with her family and find a new country to live in. Stepping Stones is illustrated by Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr, who made all of the artwork using only small rocks. 


After finding inspiration from both the author and the illustrator of this work, students were tasked with answering the question “What does home mean to you?” To accompany their written piece, students used items from nature as inspiration to form their artwork.

We were blown away by the talent these third grades demonstrated when writing and illustrating what the true meaning of home is. 


Below you will find the winning submission from Valle Alto, written and illustrated by Oscar Muñoz Bravo, Sandra Muñoz Bravo and Iñaki Palomares Sánchez.



To us home means an album

Because there is all of our memories

There we are sad, happy, and angry too

But our home has a lot of memories

I love my home because it is all I need

When I feel sad, tired, or sick

The house is covered from the rain and storm

It is my inspiration and my happy moments too

I will not know how I live without you

Because my heart is in you.

Home is my place

My home is the center of my life

Because all that I want is there.

I can’t imagine life without home.

I think life without home is like not having friends and family

So you are the album of my life

A home is all things for us and for you.

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