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  • Are you going “crazy” balancing your parent life, personal life and your work life?

  • Do you have endless tabs open on your computer?

  • Are you struggling to find ways to keep your own kids engaged online academically, but are also worried about how much time your kids are online?

  • Is “kid-zombie” effect real in your home?

  • Do you need some parenting “hacks” to help get you through this challenge time?

  • Are you feeling a little overwhelmed will all the emails, webinars and readings you want to engage in, but just haven’t yet found time to read?

  • Would you enjoy having coping tips for parents?


You are not alone! 


Here is a short podcast to listen to while you are doing all your busy things: try listening while you are doing your hair and getting ready for work, cooking or in between delegating tasks to your family!



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