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Newton's Carnival

During the course of this term, our third-grade students have been working hard to demonstrate their learning through a PBL (Project Based Learning) approach. In this project, students mainly integrated the standards for Reading, reading informational texts; Writing, text types and informational writing; and Science, force and motion. Along with these standards, students also practice, listening and speaking skills, reinforce their creativity and work collaboratively.


Our students were able to demonstrate their learning by designing and building "Carnival Games" in which they had to use different kinds of forces and motion in their games. They worked on their games using a scientific approach, testing their projects, and adjusting them to generate the desired results, all of this while investigating in different sources, reading informational texts and becoming experts on their topic related to our project to finally writing about it to inform or teach their readers. This PBL culminated with a great event and celebration, Newton's Carnival, where students from different grade levels and our third-grade students' parents were invited to enjoy an afternoon of fun and learning.

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