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International Day for Tolerance

November 20, 2020

This Monday was the UN International Day for Tolerance, a great opportunity for us all to engage on an extremely important topic.


To mark the day, Spanish teacher at BIS Chicago Lincoln Park, Tim Tuckley, wrote a fantastic article that was published in TES. It discusses the importance of teaching children tolerance and helping them understand that it is OK to disagree. I recommend taking a few minutes to read the article and trying out the three techniques he explains in your own classroom.

Hundreds of students also engaged with the Global Campus (GC) activities that were released. Students were asked to share what they understand tolerance to mean and I’ve included a few responses that caught my eye below. Another question on tolerance will be released this coming Monday (23 November) which we should encourage all our students to engage with and reflect on.

“Tolerance is patience and the ability to be calm even when you are overruled or have oppositions.”


“Tolerance means acceptance. Accepting each other’s beliefs and values and respecting everyone’s views.”


“Tolerance is a way we accept different cultures and beliefs. It is also a way we accept different opinions. We should accept those who have different beliefs or race. We should accept them with a clear mind and be open to listen and not judge them in any way. Tolerance has a lot of meanings, but I chose this one."

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