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Ending the decade with Style

By Laura Elizondo

January 17, 2020

The last day of school, before winter break, we had the pleasure of hosting this school year’s Winter Festival. This year’s theme was ‘Decade Rewind’ with the purpose of celebrating this past decade coming to an end and to remember impactful moments, songs, and movies from it.
Winter Festival

Students were invited to come up with remixes that could transport them to different moments of the past ten years. But not just that, they also had to come up with a performance to match the music, and so students danced, sang, and even back flipped to the tunes. 


We had performances and videos from all grade levels, as well as fun activities and games in which all of middle school participated in, so all students got a chance to bond with their classmates and teachers playing interactive games, relax after weeks of hard work, and make great memories as they’re preparing to leave school. 

Participants rehearsed and put a lot of effort into their performances, so besides showing their talents, they also practiced different skills, like learning to lead and organize a team, working under the pressure of an approaching deadline, and creativity - so they can show the best possible version of their talents. As a result, middle schoolers and their teachers heard international voices singing, in groups or solos, watched trendy choreographies, and were entertained by one outstanding gymnast that left the audience in awe. To reward their performances, there were prizes for those who showed the best performance, the best soundtrack/remix, and best teamwork.


With the hopes of having the community involved in the Festival not only as spectators, but as performers as well, we prepared different surprises for them. We invited the audience to dance to the rhythm of Just Dance, we had some students as contestants of the famous game show Jeopardy, in which ninth graders dominated the game, and some of them had to explain their “mischievous” behavior caught on camera as the hostesses exposed their pictures in the pretend game “Exposing Students”.


The audience left the gym happy and ready for the break. The event was a great success that showed how very talented our community is, and all the great opportunities the school offers to students so they can explore their talents and find a moment to shine.

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