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I am proud to welcome you to the new ISR Today & Tomorrow e-magazine website! We are happy to have this new format that replaces our previous “Weekly Newsletter”. The new format is aimed at providing you with an easier to navigate and keep you well informed, as well to get ISR community engaged and involved.  Besides publishing school news and events, our new e-magazine will share relevant content, categorized to be aligned to the school Mission and Vision. Here is a quick overview of what lies under each category:


  • Passionate Learners  – Articles shared by community members related to different learning experiences.

  • Caring Community  – Information/articles about ISR Culture of values as well as Social Responsibility projects.

  • Global Thinkers – Articles featuring students participation in NAE collaborations and Global challenges. 

  • #WeAreISR – Articles highlighting ISR Sense of Belonging and community achievements. This is also a hub to keep Alumni connected. 

  • Parent Groups – Contacts to get parents socially and professional connected. 

  • ISR Online Store- Online store to purchase ISR items that show our ISR spirit.

The new e-magazine is not only intended to improve communication based on stakeholder feedback, it is the beginning of an interactive strategy to keep us all better integrated and engaged as a community of learners, to inspire students to grow as passionate learners, act with integrity and empathy, and become impactful, global thinkers. 

You are all invited to check our weekly edition and participate with articles, interviews, and videos in support of our school Strategic Plan. 

Enjoy reading ISR Today & Tomorrow e-magazine!

Hortensia Prieto

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