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Why We Need To Flip The Narrative That The Pandemic Has Damaged Education

By Nick Morrison for Forbes

Children out of school, months of lost learning and widening gaps between students: it’s become fashionable to see Covid-19 as having been a disaster for education.


Strengthen our Resilience through Social Emotional Learning

By Nora Elisa Barbosa

A year has passed since we started the quarantine. Twelve months ago we did not know how long our confinement would last, or how long we would have to do our daily activities from home.

Remote Learning

The Handbook for a Successful School During a Pandemic 

By Jessica Schultz B.A, M.Ed.

It's been a year. Well, almost a year. In February 2020 I was getting ready for the many different celebrations and events that are common during this month in our busy school calendar, and the ones that were coming just a few weeks later.

Home School

How to cope with online learning during the pandemic. 


Elise Ecoff, our group education director, spoke with CGTN - China Global Television Network to share some great Teaching Tips for learning success at home as teachers and parents around the world are working hard to make the best of a tough situation.

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Why Are the Performing Arts Important for Children?

By Shanghai Family

When we think about crucial subjects for children at school we tend to think about math, science and English. Performing arts are often overlooked, but they can be crucial for our child's development.



Education During Pandemic Times 

By Hortensia Prieto

During the first months of 2020 in Mexico, as in the rest of the world, the circumstances in which education develops have changed. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th declared that COVID-19 passed from being an epidemic to a pandemic, the way of providing education changed overnight.

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