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Why does Performing Arts are so important for all our students?

February 14, 2020

San Roberto believes that the Performing Arts have a central and essential part to play in the entitlement for all our students. The Performing Arts contribute to the development of the skills, attitudes and attributes our students need for 21st century life, employment and personal success in a way that is unique, namely:
Higher Academic Achievement 

Several studies demonstrate that students exposed to music, dance and drama are more proficient in reading, writing and mathematics. This is supported by studies in countries with the highest rankings in mathematics and science, such as Japan, Hungary and the Netherlands, which have Performing Arts education as a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Other studies also show that students exposed to Performing Arts are happier in school, more engaged and have better attendance – all of which contribute to their future success. Performing Arts play a unique role in schools because students do not need to look for the “right” answer but express a diversity of valid answers using different methods. 

Creativity and Innovation 

21st century education is increasingly characterized by design thinking, creative approaches to learning and the ‘maker generation’ where through experimentation, occasional failure, lateral thinking and the creation of something new, learners are enabled to stretch the boundaries of traditional learning. This is why we strongly believe in the ‘A’ in ‘STEAM’ – The Performing Arts engages students by using their own bodies, minds, and emotions to create and innovate. 

Self-Confidence and Self-Presentation Skills 

One significant benefit of Performing Arts is the development of self-confidence. Students acquire presentation skills such as poise, focus and overcoming anxiety. To be effective communicators, students must learn how to present themselves in front of a range of audiences and connect with people intellectually and emotionally. 

A Medium for Self-Expression 

The Performing Arts allow for deep self-expression and emotional engagement. They help our students personalize their ideas and expand their imaginations. The Performing Arts also teach students about the power of the individual—it’s not just the creative material that counts, but how it is performed and expressed. 

Empathy and Compassion 

Performing Arts help students to learn the crucial skill of understanding diverse points of view which helps them to learn empathy and compassion for others. Experiences such as embodying character, portraying an emotion physically, and singing another person’s lyrics, illustrate how music, dance and drama each accomplish this in a different way. 

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation 

Our successful students will be true global citizens. They need to understand and appreciate the world around them and the rich texture and history of the Performing Arts enables them to engage with world cultures in unique and powerful ways. Developing aesthetic and empathetic appreciation of art forms across music, dance and drama is therefore essential to this growth. 

Physicality, Health and Positive Physical and Personal Development 

Alongside physical education, the Performing Arts play a central role in the holistic development of our students. Body control and awareness, health and fitness and positive lifestyle choices are all essential to the 21st century global citizen. 

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