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Dear parents,

I am writing to draw your attention to a brand-new publication from Nord Anglia Education called INSIGHTS that looks at the subjects that matter most to young people and their parents regarding education


I first became aware of this magazine back in late September at our global Senior Leadership Conference and was hugely impressed by the thought-provoking content and opinions offered by the contributors.

The articles cover topics such as: Can children learn how to be happy? And if they can, will it make a difference? Do children need knowledge anymore when everything’s a click or a swipe away with AI? Does learning about ‘making a difference’ (as in social impact) actually make any difference?

One article that caught my eye was 'The Fourth Education Revolution,' which discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how this new technology is now integrated into our teaching and learning process. It reminded me of how our school embraces innovation, constantly evolving to prepare students for the future. We see AI as one strategy to keep inspiring students to be passionate learners, encouraging them to act with empathy and respect, and nurturing their growth into impactful global citizens.

I invite you to read, reflect, and share INSIGHTS.

Kind regards,

Hortensia Prieto

General Director

San Roberto International School

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