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Social Studies Project

By Magda Sánchez

7 de noviembre, 2019

As a part of a Social Studies project where students were challenged to think about a way to help in their community, Ana Cris decided to work on handmade cards for kids in hospitals to wish them a fast recovery.

She started designing cards with kind messages to cheer them up. We asked permission to visit hospitals so she could implement her project and live the experience of sharing kind moments with other kids and to make them feel better. 

The Zambrano Hellion Hospital invited Ana Cris to participate with them in a program called Corazones Invencibles. This program has the objective of helping children that have different congenital heart diseases and need a surgery but can’t afford the medical services. Many local doctors and doctors from different countries contribute in this program offering their services for free and the Zambrano Hellion Hospital helps by covering all the medical fees. Ana Cris was invited to visit different patients that received the benefits of this program to share kind moments and giving them her cards. Ana Cris experienced wonderful moments reading her cards to the children and trying to cheer them up.

She was also invited another day to a special farewell the doctors were given to children that recovered from their surgery and were ready to leave the hospital. Ana Cris attended to this special ceremony where different doctors and staff from the hospital lined up to applaud the kids’ courage and to wish them the best. It was an incredible moment she experienced clapping and cheering for the children she visited and were ready to go home.

The best part of if this, is that Ana Cris will continue with her project since she was invited already to participate in the next event of this wonderful program (starting in February) where she will be invited to have a welcome party for the next children that will receive the support from doctors to treat their heart diseases. She will have the opportunity to play with children and share more of her cards to make them smile and encourage them to be brave. Meanwhile, because of the kind handmade cards she worked on,  she was invited by one of the members of Fundación Tec Salud to design the next oficial invitation for the next journey of the Program Corazones Invencibles that will start in February. Therefore there’s much more Ana Cris can do to help. Ana Cris was blessed by living and amazing experience trying to help others and discovering at the same time that a small project can become something bigger.

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