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Taking care of the world from home

By Ruth Alatorre

April 3, 2020

Taking care of the world
I am connected with the world
Our action is to stay. Isolating is the best way to protect me and protect others.

We had heard a rumor. A highly contagious and strange virus appeared months ago; but it seems too far from us. Then we heard the situation of our sister schools in China suspending classes. We heard more and more rumors about the virus spreading across the continents. The News of contagion and deaths began to be in the front page of the news and social media.

It stopped being a distant rumor and suddenly we found ourselves “trapped” in our houses with the purpose of taking care of our health and other's health. This kind are relevant because it means I can help my country, my city, my house and myself to stay healthy. I am helping to stop the disease, and avoid the infections from becoming unmanageable for the health system and make sure they can help those who need it. So it is a strong connection between everyone: whatever I do or stop doing helps and protect others.

Have you thought about this coincidence? This makes me think in our world. For months (maybe years) we’ve been listening alarming news (which may sound far from us) about the lost of ecosystems, climate change global warming for pollution, etc. We have also heard how this causes illness and death; do we feel far from this situation right now? In this case our actions are  important as well. If you act or stop acting it will affect those who are exposed and live from nature, that means ALL OF US.

Taking care - Quote

“We can live with less
consumerist. You can remember
3R's and REDUCE” - Ale Cepeda

The care of our world is also in your hands, and today we still have time to take action on it from each other’s reality. We have a great opportunity to teach our community that it is possible to lead a lifestyle in harmony with our world, harming as little as possible because by taking care of it, I take care of myself, take care of you, take care of my community and the next generations.


Stay at home, that is the main message these days and it is very accurate: Stay at home and stay sustainable way. Have you thought about it? Your actions at home can make a big difference, here are some ways you can positively contribute:


Undoubtedly this global health emergency has led us to question some assumptions with which we live every day and to value what we have available for us. Usually we took for grated, for example meeting with friends and colleagues, the attendance to different gathering (such as social, cultural or religious).


It is the same with nature: Everything you use, consume or waste comes from the nature and comes back to it. And we take it for granted because we use to have it at hand.

Waste: Separate your waste and, if it is not possible to take it to a recycling centre due to the health emergency, then separate a space in your own house to put your recycling material and take it away afterward. If you think it is accumulating too much then you can first question those consumption habits that are leading you to generate so much waste and decide how you can reduce it. You can also decide to reuse giving a second life to your waste or use it as educational material with your children. It is time get creative.


Water: When we are at home more time these resources are used more. Consider these important tips to take care of them. When it comes to bathing or showering, you can collect running water while it is heated (you can then use it for cleaning or watering plants) and reduce shower time. One of the most important recommendations to protect yourself is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, remember to close the faucet while counting time.Check that all your keys are in good condition and do not leak, as well as making the most of the use of washing machines or dishwashers; that is, hand them out when they are full.

Taking care - quote 2

“I have noticed how many things can be reused at home like to make pots, crafts, compost and creativity
activities”. - Sofía Careaga

Energy: The correct use of all appliances that use energy during our stay at home helps to reduce energy consumption. It is very common when it is not used to leave connected chargers and appliances which still use up energy. Studies estimate that if a single smartphone charger is disconnected at 100% battery it saves up to 7 kilos of CO2 per year. Likewise the efficient use of air conditioners, maintaining an insulation of the room and preserve the temperature between 21o - 23o.


Great achievements can be accomplished during this time at home and will remain forever in the lives of our children and students. It’s a great opportunity to connect with everyone and achieve a bridge from my home to others; to be aware of this great connection we have with the world, strengthens us as global thinkers and increases our empathy because it makes me able to help others from my home; likewise I am able to take care of the world from my home and I can, from now on, live with the consciousness that we live in a great interdependence and if I take care of myself, I take care of the world, I take care of you and together we take care of the earth.

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