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Religious Fair

On May 31, 7th graders from Valle Alto Campus exhibited their PBL public product on the Diversity of Societies and Cultures in the XII Religions Fair. Many subjects were involved such as World Geography, Music, Spanish, and Language Arts.

The 7th-grade students in Strings Ensemble opened the event playing a potpourri called “Classical Bash” which includes classical period pieces: The 5th Symphony (Beethoven), The Surprise Symphony (Haydn) and the Little Night Serenate (Mozart) as part of their closure for this school year.

In World Geography and Language Arts, students wrote a script and performed a play showing the religious conflicts in history and reflected upon the importance of respecting different beliefs in order to achieve peace. In Spanish, students created books with poems, inspired by “caring” “respecting” and “peace” concepts and shared them with parents.

The students set up stands showing the main religions in the world, comparing and contrasting beliefs, geographic location, holy texts, leaders, temples, traditions, and holidays, and coming to the conclusion that all share the same values: love and peace.

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